The ClaerOn Air Purification System comes to help fight COVID-19. It is designed also for domestic and small commercial market/ user to help protect your loved ones, employees, etc. from airborne contamination including coronavirus / COVID-19.

These filters are designed to capture gasses and pollution like Pollen, Allergens, Fine and Ultrafine particles, Mould VOCs (Volatile organic compounds) and most important Bacteria and viruses.

The ClaerOn Air Purification System is a multi-stage filtration system suitable for use in in domestic and commercial environments as well as nuclear bunkers, panic rooms, and bomb shelters. This system is fitted with a highest-rated 99.99% HEPA filter, an F9-rated pre filter, carbon filters capable of removing all known Biological Contaminants, warfare gases, and nuclear fallout from the air. The system also includes 2 stages 185nm and 2 stages 253nm of UVC filtration.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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